10 statements I know that are true but I can’t prove! IV

The following article was posted by Jim on The Chip Board on December 24th, 2011

1. We definitely have lost our ability to laugh at ourselves. Red Foxx was right when he made that statement to me years ago. We were having coffee in the keno lounge at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. It was around 6:00am. Red was speaking about ethnic jokes. He loved ethnic jokes especially about Blacks and Latinos. I asked if he knew any Polish jokes. He kinda laughed and said “you are joking...right?” and then proceeded to tell me one of the dirtiest and funniest Polish jokes I ever heard. God! He had a foul mouth. No I am not going to repeat it. I was offended...Not! I really miss Red!

2. Since I have not been told differently by anyone in authority I am assuming we are once again going to have the “traditional” banquet at our convention where everyone gets dressed up in a costume representing the “theme”. If this is true I hope our organization sells enough tickets. Are you and your wife going Jim? What do you think? To steal a line from the original movie The Heart Break Kid spoken by Eddie Albert...”not if you dragged me by my tongue by a team of wild horses”.

3. Have you ever noticed that less and less old timers are posting on the Chipboard? I wonder why. I’m afraid to venture a guess. Maybe they have nothing to say or maybe they have lost interest. I miss those GREAT informative posts. Original posts engulfed with personal experience.

4. Have you heard the one about poker games being held upstairs at the Flame restaurant? The Flame restaurant was located across from the Stardust right in front of the Catholic Cathedral on the strip. I use to use the pay phone (prior to cell phones) in the outer foyer of the Flame to make my sport bets before mass. Since the Flame was only one story high it would be rather difficult to hold poker games upstairs. Yet after it was torn down chip dealers were selling chips with a flame on them claiming the chips came from those poker games.

5. I don’t know maybe it’s me. I walk through a casino and see these gigantic machines with every type of theme even the Wizard of Oz. Many of them empty with no one playing them. The machine is making all types of sounds and giving those who stop to look at it a headache. I hear tourists say too complicated to learn how to play it “let’s go find some video poker machines”. I guess someone plays them.

6. It was a pleasant surprise to have Stations Casinos put back their coffee shops. What a disaster to lease space to franchises that never served very good food in the first place. Playing in the graveyard game at Texas Station players would order a burger from Fat Burger rather than eat breakfast in the leased restaurant. Restaurant employees would be standing around yet it would take forever to get a carryout of pancakes or eggs and bacon. Good riddance!

7. I miss the Valley Times newspaper. When I lived in Illinois I would have it sent to the house. It always had fantastic coupons for real bargains. 2 for 1 show with reservation, discounts at quality steak houses, free buffets, etc. I’m not sure but I believe Bob Stupak had something to do with the Valley Times. Maybe I’m wrong. The back page ALWAYS had the filet steak add for the Jolly Trolley. Come and order your steak by the ounce. You will not find anything like that ad in Las Vegas today.

8. Many years ago, the seven card stud poker games at Caesars Palace were a sight to behold. The “house” had a no rake limit. In other words, the “house” could take whatever the dealer wanted out of the pot and drop it before the pot was pushed to the winning player. I can remember hand full’s of chips being taken from the pot with player complaints being registered loudly. I guess if the dealer liked you less and less would be taken. One of the dealers whose name was Cybil dealt hold’em at Texas Station a couple of years before she retired. She and I had many a good laugh remembering the old seven stud games and the unlimited rake.

9. Yes, I still purchase a chip or two. How can anyone pass up the current prices chips are going for? I don’t know how long the free fall will last but in my opinion the smart individuals are buying. Those who are selling must really need the money. No one ever said this hobby wasn’t expensive.

10. I would like to wish EVERYONE a blessed Christmas. Those of all faiths who live in this wonderful country of ours and share a concept of love and beauty only found where individuals are free. God Bless each and every one of you and may next year bring you happiness, love and joy!