10 statements I know that are true but I can’t prove! II

The following article was posted by Jim on The Chip Board on May 25th, 2011


Here are a few more statements I know are true but can not prove. Anyway, beats my having to work.

1) The best baby back ribs in Las Vegas are still located at TC’s Rib Crib. However, TC’s has moved. The new location is at 3655 South Durango Blvd. The phone number is 702-451 RIBS (7427). While you are here for the convention give them a try. Carryout is no problem! I receive nothing for this endorsement and as always would take nothing.

2) I read in our local paper the Review Journal Las Vegas is increasing room rates for the 2011 Memorial Day weekend. Occupancy for certain days is supposedly 96%. O.K. If you believe that (occupancy at 96%) I have other useless and questionable information to share with you.

3) I remember when the Elardi’s “Mom” and Tom owned the Silver Slipper and the Frontier. They made a management decision to tear down the Silver Slipper and rebuild it. Guess what? It never got rebuilt. I can remember inside the Frontier Hotel & Casino a model exhibit of the new “Silver Slipper” coming soon. Now you want to talk about brilliant management decisions. This one takes the cake. They tear down the Slipper one of the few casinos with a gaming license not requiring hotel rooms...a very profitable enterprise and then...do not rebuild it. You just got to love it!

4) Speaking of tearing down hotels and not rebuilding anything on the land...so went the Frontier. You can’t blame this one on the Elardi’s. Yes, there are others who do not make very good management decisions. Where is that San Francisco based theme hotel and casino that was promised to be built?

5) I’ll miss the Sahara. Had many an early morning talk with Red Foxx in the Keno lounge while waiting for the accounting department to open. Man, that guy could blow money on Keno. He had no groupie following just him and me sipping coffee and shooting the bull. I don’t believe Red could do that today. The tourists wouldn’t let him.

6) The Silver City had the best free popcorn in Las Vegas. I don’t know what they did to it...but it was something else! It made me and other locals go there just for the popcorn. It must have been the type of oil they used. Of course, one could stop at the Paulson store located in the shopping mall.

7) I really miss the boxing matches at the “boat”, the Slipper and the Hacienda. The Hacienda had the best hotdogs on fight night. The “dogs” were so thick they barely fit in the bun. Jimmy Montoya out of California would bring his stable of fighters to the Slipper. The fights were held upstairs in a close smoky setting. I remember one of the Silver Slipper security guards would be on the card. One could get a quality ring side seat for $15.00 at any of the three places. It was fun for young and old. One of the Mills brothers was always in attendance. Guess what? None of the places had a night club.

8) Spragg will make a fine club Secretary. In conjunction with the rest of the board our organization should have some real quality changes. This is a good board not afraid to implement new ideas. From time to time they may stumble but they will just keep plugging along. Change is not necessarily bad...if it is implemented with understanding and care.

9) I hope the food at the banquet will be better than in the past. I know last year some individuals honestly liked the food. I didn’t, neither did any of the other individuals at my table. I really have a difficult time understanding how we lose money on the banquet. I guess it’s my accounting background. At $45.00 a person I don’t expect filet but I do expect something edible. How about carved roast turkey at a carving station? Maybe we should consider going back to wine and cheese.

10) I miss the hamburgers from the old Caesar Palace sports book. This is when Caesars was owned by the Pearlman brothers. The brothers who started Lums restaurants in California. The burgers just seemed to taste better than any others. The wait was like any hour to get one because the chef in the tiny cooking area couldn’t fit anymore than a dozen at a time on the grill. It was served with grilled onions and anything else you wanted on it. Ah, the good ole days!