10 statements I know that are true but I can’t prove!

The following article was posted by Jim on The Chip Board on October 15th, 2010

1)     1. The best BBQ pork ribs in Las Vegas can be purchased at TC’s Rib Crib located at 8470 W Desert Inn Road (Suite H3) 89117. 702-451-7427. Notice I said BBQ pork ribs, NOT pulled pork or NOT beef ribs or NOT brisket, etc. I have not or will not receive anything for this endorsement. I know the town ends for me at Rainbow Blvd. but sometimes one has to make an exception.
2. The best Midwestern (Chicago style) pizza in Las Vegas can be purchased at Rosati’s Pizza located at 3370 S. Hualapai Way, 89117. 702-262-1900. I have not or will not receive anything for this endorsement. My wife picks up our pizza from Rosati’s once a week. All ingredients are imported from Chicago. One taste of the sausage and you will know what they claim is true!
3. The dancers at the Jolly Trolley always looked more wholesome than the dancers at the Pussycat A Go Go. Just ask my friends from college. Especially, Bill he married one and they are still married 40 years later with three children.
4. Bill Borland could not possibly have made all of the hot stamp chips he is accused of making. His arm would have fallen off from operating the one pull press he made them from. One gets tired of arguing this statement but honestly just think about it! 
5. One of the best hamburgers in town is made at “Smashburger” located at 7541 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite #2. All meat served is Angus beef. Now how are you going to beat that? We found it by accident and have been customers ever since.
6. The Club bulletin board enhances our educational requirement under IRS Code Section 501(C)(3). Not to use the Club Board is a serious mistake on our behalf. Maybe if we were not so strict in what can or could be posted members would post and use it more. Lighten up a bit on policy.
7. David Spragg has surprised me. He is one of our hardest working members and deserves something other than a wooden plaque for his efforts. I’m so tired of giving our hard working people and contributors plaques……..all, organizations do the same old tired plaque giving.
8. If we don’t do something about the convention smoking policy we are going to lose at least four or five dealers and possibly some of our most important volunteers. I guess when it actually happens we will have left it to the last minute and blame someone else…………like the casino.
9. I’m tired of being told we lose money on the banquet. If we do, maybe we should go back to wine and cheese.  Let’s see if we can do the “matching concept”. You know put the expenses in the same quarter with the income. How novel would that be?
10. I miss my friend Bruce Landau. He sold me my very first chip. A 25 cent, dice swirl, Binion’s Horseshoe. He was good for this hobby. I have many stories about Bruce that someday I will share until than…………thanks for reading.