10 statements I know are true but can't prove! V

The following article was posted by Jim on The Chip Board on April 28th, 2012

1. Yes, it is true! Starting with calendar year 2014, if you live in Nevada, all purchases made on eBay will be subject to Nevada sales and or Use tax. Looks like the tax free purchasing days are beginning to come to an end. I also have it upon good authority individuals and/or businesses selling through eBay will be heavily checked for reporting of income by the Feds. I know this was being done by spot checking but I guess it is going to get more expansive.

2. Collecting casino memorabilia is a wealthy individual’s hobby. You need money to purchase those “rare” pieces. Unfortunately, it looks like casino’s issuing limited editions has decreased substantially. Also, those collectors who specialize in limited editions are finding out that liquidating collections, for whatever reason, is resulting in losing money. The days of selling for face are gone. Collect limited editions for enjoyment not to make a profit. If you do not do this you will have a rude awakening upon liquidation.

3. What pleasure it is to find out a few casinos in town are putting in slot and video poker machines that take and pay coins. Apparently these casinos have found out it is more lucrative to give slot and video poker players what they want to play versus forcing them to play coin less ones. What casinos?...I can name a few but you will have to do your own research. The El Cortez, California Club (never took all of them of the floor) and the Cannery (both). It is really nice to hear those coins hitting the tray.

4. It looks as though Las Vegas casinos are instituting free craps and roulette lessons. I guess table game play for these two table games has fallen off significantly. If someone asked me, which no one has, I would suggest forget the lessons and bring back 10 cent craps and roulette. While playing, the dealers and floor persons, could give instruction while players were risking small amounts of their own money while learning. Most of these current students are chip collectors trying to pocket a few of the old chips, NCVs and dealer school chips. No one is currently learning the games because, in my opinion, lessons are complicated and boring when not playing for real money.

5. True story...My friend “Swift” and three of his former college associates came to Las Vegas to carry on some serious gambling. I took them to a casino I believed would appreciate their action. Each individual bought in at $4,000. To get to the point each one lost their $4,000 buy in for a total of $16,000 at the black Jack table. They called me from the poker room and told me what happened. I asked for the floor person. When he came over I asked why he would not give each of them a breakfast comp that each requested. He told me he requested their players’ card and they did not have one. I said these are “real gamblers” and don’t have a player’s card. He said, sorry he couldn't do anything. I said they as a group lost $16,000. I requested to speak to the shift manager and or the casino manager. We waited for what seemed like an hour. Finally the casino manager is the one who arrived. I explained to the casino manager what happened and he gave them each a complementary to the steak house for later in the day. He was not happy with his subordinate. While we turned and walked away I could see him speaking feverishly with the floor person. I guess the floor person didn't use good judgment. Well what else is new? Ever try speaking to one? They are like robots following a pre- written plan for any contingency. No wonder business is bad! I’d fire the lot of them!

6. I wonder if I’m the only person in Las Vegas who hates player’s cards. If you don’t play slots or video poker, in my opinion, they are worthless. For example, if one plays craps your “status” is measured by your initial wager and total time played. So if you are a do player and risk $5.00 on the line with odds behind and take two more come bets with odds waiting for a hand to show and only play 20 minutes you might as well not have a players card. You will not have much status. The house does not recognize the odds portion of your wager and the $5.00 (increased as numbers are made) coupled with 20 minute play gets you a soft drink and the bar. “They” wonder why the game of craps is dying. If one is a serious no limit poker player you get the same $1.00 an hour in comps as the $2-$4 limit hold’em player who sits there all day and has nothing better to do. However, at the end of the day he/she has $7 or $8 in comps and you who may only play a couple of hours has $2. Something wrong with this scenario!

7. It looks like all the on line poker scandals are really beginning to hurt live poker games. I listen to the talk at the table and the bitterness in the voices from those who got burned financially and emotionally. Some of them still play but I know the poker rooms have lost many no limit players who use to come to town and try out their computer poker skills. Many of them have left the game and I do not believe the rooms will ever get them back.

8. I miss my friend Gerry E. I would give you his last name but his wife and kids are alive and I do not wish to cause them any embarrassment or trouble. To my knowledge, Gerry was one of the last “card mechanics” alive. Now what do I mean. I use to play poker with Gerry over at the Rio when it first opened. He found out I was under contract with various State Revenue agencies for teaching their personnel how to audit casinos, riverboats, ET AL. Gerry wanted to know if I could use his services. He asked the floor person for a deck of cards any deck. We walked over to an empty poker table Gerry handed me the deck and said check it. I counted it down picked a suit at random counted it down and handed the deck back. Gerry began to tell me about his experiences at various casinos while he shuffled the cards. He said that he would be called any time day or night to deal at a single or double deck black jack game where a player was extremely lucky. His job...bust the player! Gerry asked me what poker hand would I like dealt to me. I said give me four queens with a deuce. What hand do you want me to have? I said give yourself four Kings with an ace. He continued to shuffle for a few more minutes and dealt out five cards each. He said turn your hand over...four queens with a deuce. Turn my hand over four Kings with an ace. I about fell off the chair. Needless to say I hired Gerry to teach with me. Unfortunately Gerry only did two classes, one in Baton Rouge and one in New Orleans before he passed away. He was absolutely amazing. If I didn't see him do it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. What casinos did he work at?...He wouldn't tell me. He would just smile and say maybe next time.

9. I wish the city would get rid of the canopy covering downtown Las Vegas. In my opinion, what an eye sore and bad investment. I cannot believe it generates any significant casino action. Individuals (tourists) come downtown by the bus load to observe whatever light show is currently showing. They watch and next get back on the bus to go back from where they came from. Shrewd business investment kind of like the dice embodied within in the street asphalt. I don’t remember how long that one lasted but it was a horrible short lived idea.

10. Every knowledgeable person I speak with informs me the old Union Plaza is a place to see. I guess it is now just called the Plaza. It has been fully remodeled and supposedly very impressive. Many have told me the Mayor’s restaurant is a little better than average, expensive for what you get, but is worth a onetime shot because of the beautiful females who work there. I don’t know but I will let you know when I try it out.