BARGE 2000

Below are the results & some pictures taken at BARGE 2000 held at



The year 2000 marked BARGE's return to the Horseshoe. Jeff Bartoszewicz won the NL hold'em tournament, John "JRX" Reed finished second, and Steve "Bozo" Blackstock finished 3rd. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson was the banquet speaker and winner of the chip castle building contest. No video poker or blackjack tournament was held this year, this was the first year for the Tournament of Champions-style event, in honor of BARGEr and ToC winner, Spencer "Zorak" Sun. The winner of this event was Tony "Karma" Goldstein. Peter "Fold'em" Secor finished second, and Jeff Siegel finished third. The History of Poker event was played here, featuring alternating rounds of 5-card stud, 5-card draw high, and 5-card draw lowball. After the early rounds, 5-card stud was removed and the other games were played no-limit. In the final rounds, only lowball was played. Michael Hunter, Stephen Landrum, and Bill Chen chopped the prize pool when it got to 3-handed.


me any pictures taken at BARGE 2000 that you would like displayed here.


BARGE 2000 No Limit Hold'em Tournament winner Jeff Bartoszewicz

BARGE 2000 No Limit Hold'em Tournament 2nd place finisher John Reed

Scott Harker finished 4th in the BARGE 2000 No Limit Hold'em Tournament

Final table action in the History of Poker tournament
Left to right......Michael Hunter, Andy Hughes & Dave McVay
(Picture courtesy of Katie Smith)

Current World Series of Poker Champion Chris Ferguson with Michael Zimmers
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

Stephen Landrum

Russell Rosenblum

Chuck Weinstock
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

The "calcutta crew" keeping tabs on who was buying who!
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

Quick is trying to figure out if he has made any money!

Tom Sims relaxing during the calcutta
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

Tom Sims relaxing after the No Limit tournament

Side view of Kubey's chip animal & Chris Ferguson's back
(Picture courtesy of Ken Kubey)

Front view of Kubey's chip animal & Chris Ferguson on the left
(Picture courtesy of Ken Kubey)

Horseshoe poker room manager Cathi Wood

Beth Even & Friend!

Final 3 tables of the BARGE 2000 No Limit Hold'em Tournament

Veteran BARGEr John A. D. Cervanyk doing a little reading in between hands!
John finished 10th in the BARGE 2000 No Limit Hold'em Tournament

The next 12 pictures are courtesy of Frank Brabec (NUT-Z)!

Team IRCsomes, from left to right, Frank Brabec (NUT-Z), NewJane, Sharla, Ken (APG), Patri, and MadMary

IRCsomes team member Ken Jordan contemplates his next move

Frank Brabec (NUT-Z) follows the action after folding in the seven-card stud round

Bill Chen, with his somewhat "free form" Chip Castle, under construction

Close-up of Chen's completed Chip Castle

Hat's off to Lou Krieger

Scott Harker with his Chip Castle

Another Chip Castle

Keven Un and his Chip Castle...likely to be the most valuable castle in the competition that night

Circular motif in a Chip Castle

We have a Winner! Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and his winning Chip Castle entry

Below are the results from BARGE 2000!

BARGE 2000
Don "trythat" Perry

Thursday, August 3rd, 2000
(5 card stud, 5 card draw, lowball)

1st - Michael Hunter $1229
2nd - Bill Chen $819
3rd - Stephen Landrum $521
4th - Andy Hughes $372
5th - Len Granowetter $261
6th - Dave McVay $186
7th - Tom "Rebuy" Goodwin $149
8th - Harry Baldwin $112
9th - John "JRX" Reed $75

Friday, August 4th, 2000
(Hold'em, Omaha/8, Stud - Final part NL Hold'em)

1st - Tony "Karma" Goldstein $1,435
2nd - Peter "foldem" Secor $945
3rd - Jeff Siegal $599
4th - Ross "Roadkill" Poppel $445
5th - Don "trythat" Perry $311
6th - Jim "Bullbert" Bullard $222
7th - Charles Natkins $178
8th - Cliff "Deadhead" Matthews $133
9th - "Allknight" Adam Bachrach $90
10th - JP Massar $44
11th - Peter "Taki" Caldes $44

Friday, August 6, 2000
(Crazy Pineapple, Hold'em, Omaha/8, Razz, Stud, Stud/8)

1st -
ADB Contenders

Saturday, August 6th, 2000

1st - Jeff Bartoszewicz $3,129
2nd - John "JRX" Reed $2,086
3rd - Stephen "Bozo" Blackstock $1,252
4th - Scott "Scottro" Harker $599
5th - Bret "Maverick" Roth $599
6th - Robert Herlien $599
7th - Patti Beadles $599
8th - Don "trythat" Perry $261
9th - Walter Hunt $261
10th - John "JADC" Cervanyk $208
11th - Guy "Grizz" Berentsen $208
12th - Nick Christenson $156
13th - Nolan "DarkSide" Dalla $156
14th - Bruce "BigBoy" Kramer $156
15th - George Wattman $105
16th - Shmuel Goshen $105
17th - Lee Crocker $105
18th - Bill Chen $105

Saturday, August 6th, 2000

1st - Don "Bingo" Rieck $55
2nd - Peter "foldem" Secor $40

Saturday, August 6th & 7th, 2000

1st - Chris "Jesus" Ferguson $5