BARGE 2001

Below are the results & some pictures taken at BARGE 2001 held at



In 2001, BARGE was again at Binion's Horseshoe. Events included the NL tournament, ToC-style tournament, and History of Poker tournament. The banquet was held at the Golden Nugget, the speaker was Phil Hellmuth. The NL winner was Russ Fox. The BARGE Chip Committee was formed. At that time, it appeared that the BARGE 2000 NLHE champion was unlikely to participate in the creation of BARGE chips, so a group of RGPers took the reigns and formed the BCC. The mission in 2001 was to get the process back on track and to make sure that a set of BARGE chips is produced every year, with or without participation from the current NLHE champion. No VP or BJ, I think. Eventual organizer Michael Patterson's first BARGE.


me any pictures taken at BARGE 2001 that you would like displayed here.

Scott Harker (better known as "77 Boy") was kind enough to sign the last longer bet he lost last year!

Frank Irwin with a "Chip & a Chair!"
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

Bob Wilson
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

From left to right in the TOC Tournament (Final two tables)
Michael Maurer, Stephan Landrum & Andy Hughes
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

From left to right in the TOC Tournament (Final two tables)
Kevin Un, Tom Overton, Frank Jerome & David Croson
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

Phil Hellmuth looking on during the calcutta
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

My friend Tom Sims who was nice enough to send me to the rail in the 13th spot of the TOC Tournament!
(Picture courtesy of Harry Baldwin)

Below are the results from BARGE 2001!


Russ Fox

Thursday, August 2nd, 2001
(5 card draw, lowball)

1st - Andy Bloch $1,660
2nd - Sean McGuiness $1,110
3rd - Spencer Sun $710
4th - Thomas Hummel $510
5th - Bob Ogus $350
6th - Ming Lee $250
7th - Michael Wiesenberg $200
8th - Steve Daniel $150
9th - Steve Markowitz $110

Friday, August 3rd, 2001
(Hold'em, Omaha/8, Stud - Final part NL Hold'em)

1st - Frank Jerome $2,120
2nd - David Croson $1,415
3rd - Connie Kellers $850
4th - Jazbo Burns $525
5th - Chuck Weinstock $425
6th - Tom Sims $295
7th - Monty Christiansen $215
8th - Kevin Un $175
9th - Tom Overton $175
10th - Joan "AlwaysAware" Hadley $140
11th - John Cervanyk $140
12th - Peter Secor $105
13th - Andy Hughes $105
14th - Stephan Landrum $105
15th - Michael Maurer $70
16th - David Huberman $70
17th - Chris Starghalis $70
18th - Randy Collack $70

Friday, August 3rd, 2001
(Holdem, Omaha/8, Razz, Stud, Stud/8, Crazy Pineapple)

3 Per Centers

Saturday, August 4th, 2001

1st - Russ Fox $4,320
2nd - John Fleming $2,280
3rd - Don "ABD 'Bingo'" Rieck $1,695
4th - Nathan Hess $1,130
5th - Peter Caldes $775
6th - Mark Trombley $565
7th - Bob Herlien $425
8th - John Murphy $355
9th - Dave Roemer $335
10th - Gerry Petersen $280
11th - Bob Wilson $280