BARGE 1999

Below are some pictures & results from BARGE 1999 held at



BARGE was held at the Orleans this year for the first and only time. The NL hold'em tournament saw 177 people enter. John Harkness won, Russ Rosenblum finished second, and Doug Langdon finished third. Rick Mombourquette won the blackjack tournament. 1999 marked the first year in which the "virgin" class was specifically called out. Mike Sexton spoke at the banquet.


me any pictures taken at BARGE 1999 that you would like displayed here.

Mike Paulle enjoying his favorite event at ANY poker tournament, the comped BUFFET!
(Picture taken by Lee Munzer)

The 5 pictures below were taken by Frank Brabec (NUT-Z)

1999 BARGE No-limit Hold'em Champion John Harkness
with 1998 Champion Lee Jones

Russell Rosenblum and John Harkness at the final table of the
1999 BARGE No-limit Hold'em Tournament

Virgin leader Beth in full Regalia

TOC founder Mike Sexton speaks at Banquet

Don "trythat" Perry and his new "best friend" at The Orleans!

(The 2 pictures below were taken by Harry Baldwin)

5 Players left at the final table with (from the top): John Harkness,
Tom Overton, Ray Tripamer, Doug Langdon & the top of Russ Rosenblum's hat!

Past BARGE Champions Tom Sims & Mike Zimmers