Review of The Chip Rack – 11th Edition

By Jim Perlowski  (June 7th, 2009)

First of all, it is often extremely difficult to objectively review a publication when you know the majority of the authors. I will try to give you my opinion as fairly as possible. After all I purchased not one but two Chip Racks; therefore, I should be able to get away with saying anything I wish.

The chip collecting community has been eagerly awaiting the release of this popular price guide. It has been out of publication for a number of years so when the 11th edition was announced I hoped the collecting community pre ordered in a sufficient quantity to keep the enthusiasm of the authors going so future editions will also be published. The chip collecting community needs this book, period!

Now what about the book? Well I liked it. Don’t get me wrong there are items that, in my opinion, need to be corrected. However, minor items that should not keep a buyer from purchasing this wonderful 11th edition. Let’s get started...Authors, please, please, please get a new cover. The same old tired picture of the same old chips sub concisely forces a person to question, is what’s inside the same ole, same ole from previous editions? Well let me tell you it isn’t. It is obvious the authors put a GREAT deal of work in updating The Chip Rack and it shows. In my opinion, the front cover detracts from the much needed changes that were made on the inside. I see you changed the back cover and I am very pleased about that. I recall the back cover falling apart, from constant hand holding, due to perspiration. I like this change of quality of paper used and I believe everyone else will like it also.

When you check out the Table of Contents you will see much remains the same, yet much is changed. It is obvious this is not your father’s Chip Rack. The Introduction has been rewritten yet keeping much of the information from previous editions….I like that! “The User Guide to The Chip Rack” is still included and I urge our new collectors to spend a few minutes and read it. By doing so, one might actually learn something of use. The rest of the user guide has been shifted around but all the useful information is still there.

Now don’t get excited but when you get to the listing of the casino entities the font used has changed……’s smaller. After the initial visual shock to one’s eyes, don’t worry your eyes will adjust and after a few minutes you will not even notice the change. With my glasses I have corrected 20-20 vision and I could view the information with no difficulty. Some individuals might find the smaller font irritating. My suggestion is get a little stronger reading glasses. To maintain the comfortable size of the publication and believe me it is comfortable to handle, the authors obviously had too decrease the font size. No big thing...unless of course one is half blind to begin with.

Now, I like what the authors did with listing roulettes. It is obvious reference numbers have been saved by including the roulettes issued, for a series, by color, under one number such as N6825. The roulette collectors, at first, probably will not like this setup and numbering system but I believe if it is given a chance it is very workable.

Well Jim, you have gone on and on with what you like, what don’t you like?

I don’t like some of the valuations……..this will not put me in the minority. I am sure others will feel the same way. After all, as I thumbed through the book I see minus sign after minus sign. It is obvious eBay as well as auctions has had a greater affect upon lowering prices than what I would like. Of course, this is subjective. No Cash Value chips, in my opinion, are not shown any respect throughout the book. However, I can now put my buying price for some specific chips at full “Chip Rack”. Except for Sal Sagev roulettes, I wonder how come they enjoyed such a jump in valuation. Anyway, let me conclude by saying the three authors put a great deal of work into The Chip Rack and it shows. It’s a GRAND publication and I enjoy it from cover to cover. If you don’t own it...shame on you. If you do own it...treasure it, enjoy it and appreciate it. For once again it is available for purchase and you will not go wrong in buying it.