Magazines & Chips


I have put together a number of magazines with related chips. A few have special limited edition room keys instead of chips. You can click on the links below to view them. Each magazine is brand new and has never been read. It also comes enclosed in a protective sleeve. The chips are uncirculated and come enclosed in a protective AirTite.

I have used double stick tape to tape the AirTite to the protective sleeve covering the magazine. That way you can display the magazine & chip together in an upright position.

Some of the ones I have listed, I only have one of. Others, as many as six. Some are also out of my personal collection and not for sale. If you see one you like, then E-Mail me to see if it is available & what the price is.

Farrah Fawcett $5 & $25 Palms/Playboy Magazine (Alina Puscau Cover)

Farrah Fawcett $5 & $25 Palms/Playboy Magazine (Marge Simpson Cover)

Bettie Page $5 & $25 Palms Playboy Club/Playboy Magazine

Calendar Girl Marsha July 4th $5 Hooters/Casino News Magazine

Steve Schirripa $5 Riviera/5th Street Magazine

Pam Anderson Palms Room Key/Gambling Online Magazine

Stu Ungar $5 Horseshoe/Card Player Magazine

Nevada Palace $5 100th Year Celebration/Nevada Magazine

Longhorn Casino $5 9th Anniversary/Autographed by Efren Reyes/Billiards Digest Magazine

Chris Ferguson $2.50 Horseshoe/Card Player Magazine

Doyle Brunson $5 Horseshoe/Card Player Magazine

Phil Hellmuth $5 Horseshoe/Card Player Magazine

O'Shea's $1 70th Anniversary of Nevada Legalized Gaming/Nevada Magazine