Seven out at the Craps Table!

by Stanley Kan

Since my wife and I are newbie’s to the casino chip collecting hobby, we really don’t know the rules.  

Back in June of 2005, we noticed that Las Vegas was celebrating their 100th anniversary and some of the casinos was making some limited edition chips to help celebrate this occasion.

At one of our stops was Green Valley Ranch Casino which is in Henderson, NV.  It was about 9:00 in the morning, and they only had a handful of gamblers. I walked over to the cashier’s cage and ask if they had any of the centennial chips that Green Valley Ranch Casino had produced, and the cashier said he was out of them and that the table games (like blackjack, roulette and the craps table) might have them. While my wife was playing the penny slots, I went to a unoccupied blackjack table to see if he would go thru his chip rack and look for the centennial chips but he was also out also. By this time I was disappointed with my results, so I got my wife and started to leave. As we were walking thru the casino, I rat and raved about not getting any centennial chips to my wife. So as we were walking past the craps table, my wife asks if I want to check at the craps table. I was a chicken and had seen that the table was full (8 players) plus some of them had some black chips on the pass line ($100 bettors). So my wife notices that the pit boss was taking a sip of water at the pit boss station and walked up to him to see if the table had any of the centennial chips and he gagged on the drink which he spilled it all over himself and then started laughing.  He thought that this lady must of have had balls to ask him to search for chips. He them walked over to the craps table and started searching some of the stacks of five dollar chips, but this was taking to much time. He ordered the stickman to stop the action on the table while they were playing, then he and the pit crew went through about fifty stacks of fives looking for the centennials and found four chips. While my wife was exchanging the twenty dollar bill for the four chips, the people at the table were getting hot and bothered under the collar as their game had been interrupted for a lady looking for chips, a few words were exchanged but the search continued. After my wife got the chips and walked she said, thank you and may you win your bet. The roller rolled a seven to seven out on the table. As the house was raking in a lot of chips, the pit boss walked up to us and gave us a comp meal pass for two. He said that this roller had rolled for over an hours time and had won just over ten thousand dollars. But my wife had put an end to that winning streak.

The moral of this story is if a woman walks up to a table to collect chips, gather up your chips and run to the nearest exit, while you still have some money in hand.