No Cash Value

The following article was posted by Jim on the old Prodigy Board on January 3rd, 1998

One of the most overlooked areas of chip collecting, by collectors, is the area of NCV or No Cash Values.

No cash value chips take in many different types and kinds issued by the casinos throughout the world. There are tournament chips (poker, blackjack, craps, etc), match plays, 3 for 2's, limited play, good for, free play, etc. etc. etc. The list and type of chips seem to be endless and are only limited by the imagination of the casino issuing them. These chips come in all different types of molds as well as hot stamps and inlays! They have been issued by casinos as far back as the 1950's and are currently being issued by the casinos today.

Why collect NCVs? I can think of no other area of chip collecting that can be as much fun and inexpensive as this type of chip. Prices for NCVs have not increased as much in value when compared to the other type of chips collected; especially Nevada. The demand is less because there are fewer collectors. Prices range from a low of a couple of dollars to one Reno tournament chip I saw a dealer have listed for $350.00. I believe this is the highest price I have ever seen asked for a NCV. NCVs can be found in just about every dealers binder. Many collectors have duplicates to trade or sell. I have found a few in "junk" boxes at chip shows as well as trade lists posted on the various internet web sites.

If we apply a little common sense, we would be quick to recognize when a casino issues this type of promotional chip not many are made. Without a doubt NCVs have the smallest manufacturing numbers of any chip a casino would produce. The simple fact is a promotional chip is used for a short period of time. The casino believes it can recycle them during the course of the promotion and orders less than any table chip in its inventory. Most major Nevada casinos have had at least one type of promotional chip during the course of their existence.

Some like Vegas World have produced so many different ones it is difficult to know for sure when you have them all! The Four Queens tournament chips have so many verities and issues one could spend a great deal of time just trying to collect them. Currently a collector can still put together a nice accumulation of these type of chips. As time goes by NCVs will be harder to find and increase in value. If you are looking for an area to specialize in consider NCVs. They are fun, inexpensive, and will fill many hours of collecting enjoyment. If you wait too long the opportunity to get in on the ground floor will pass you by. Be a smart collector! Take advantage of the current "soft" demand and availability of these type of chips. After all this opportunity will not last forever.