Greg Susong on a Trip Around the World!



Smiling Greg has so far traveled approximately 60,000 miles on his trip around the world.


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Andy Hughes

Sunday Silverman

Jan Susong

Mike Skelton

Neal Silverman

Steve Passalacqua

Marc Shapiro

Mark Cotton

Fred Hempel

Richard Gummer


Also, A CHANGE...In the future if you end up taking photos with Smiling Greg then post them on The Chip Board for all to see.

I will no longer be uploading them here.

Photos below are from Carol Susong's trip with Smiling Greg to the Holy Land.

Smiling Greg with Lauren, Carol & Robert at the Wichita airport.

Wailing Wall.

Tomb of Christ.

Smiling Greg watching the babes at the Dead Sea.

Carol & Smiling Greg with Bishop Pepe of Las Vegas.

Smiling Greg's grazing at the buffet.

In the jail where St. Peter was chained.

At Mary's well.

On the steps leading to Caiaphas' house.

This photo is a humorous nod to Greg's pick-up line to me way back when we were dating. I was working for Greg's partner, orchestrating the monthly Sonic managers meetings, and would leave my purse at the table confident no one would disturb it. Each time I'd return to the table, there would be Greg, telling me he'd been watching my purse for me! Well, his line must have worked because we married 6 weeks after our first date and crossed the 28th anniversary this past August.

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Below is the list of those who have asked to have Smiling Greg visit them so that they could go check out the casinos!

Keep in mind that this is an ongoing trip & could very well take a couple of years. Smiling Greg WILL visit all of you below sooner or later.

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Tarl Cooley - Nevada

Erik Dauplaise - Rhode Island

Brian Cashman - Rhode Island

Steve Chiruck - Canada

Debra Meister - North Carolina

Mike Poole - Texas

Dennis Shoop - Ohio

Tom Leggio - Florida

Tom Hanson - Washington

Craig Willardson - Washington

Paul Biggs - Missouri

Tyrus Mulkey - Texas

Norm Botoshe - Minnesota 

Lance Robertson Sr. - New York

Don Logerwell - Nevada

Joel Bloom - California

Todd Desnoyers - Mississippi

Walt Dibeler - Pennsylvania

John Chopek - New Jersey

John Loing - Arizona